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The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and Crafts - Graphic design communications
Master program (DK) 2022-2024


Afterpray - Freelance Designer & Content manager (KR) 2020 -

Neumeister - Trainee Designer (SE) 2021 - 2022

Art Style | Art & Culture International Magazine - Published essay "See Through"

Dutch Invertuals - Design & Project Manager (NL) 2020 

Studio EDHV - Freelance (NL) 2020

Kummer & Herrman - Internship (NL) 2020 


The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and Crafts - Bachelor program (DK) 2016 - 2019

Iceland University of the Arts - Exchange Semester (IS), 2018 - 2019

Östra Grevie, Preparation year - Visual Communication (SE) 2015 - 2016

Storytelling lies deeply embedded in human nature. “Humans think in stories, and we try to make sense of the world by telling stories” (Harari, 2014). In my teenage years I found graphic design to be my language to tell stories, ever since I came to understand my world deeper through a visual context. Through my development in the graphic design discourse, I’ve been finding myself wanting develop further and deeper in the varius contexts of visual communication.


I’m defined in the things I create, it’s been a constant mirror of my world and myself as long as I can remember, therefore my creations often feel like an extension of how I relate to my surrounding. I find deep fascination and joy in creating graphic representations of concepts, ideas and stories. Preferably though printed matter with gravity on typography and content expressed with layers of meaning. 


During my bachelor’s at The Danish Academy of Arts and Craft, we were encouraged to design for a better future. While before having graphic design as a method for dealing with my own narratives, I then learned new tools to understand the interconnections of society and the contributing factors of designing for others. A philosopher who started to influence my work more and more during the bachelor study period was Oscar Wilde:

“What is found in life and nature is not what is there, but is that which artists have taught people to find there, through art” (Wilde, 1881). 

This point of view resonated with me and together with the tools from the Academy of how to make the world better I felt a responsibility to visually communicate in a way that makes people explore the world with meaning. I believed that my responsibility to create meaningful design started with investigating my own role as a graphic designer. 

While studying in Denmark and Iceland I explored my role as a graphic desiger further, after graduating my bachelor at The Danish Academy of Arts and Craft, I started working with studios based in Korea, The Netherlands and Sweden. Influences from these different places and people have shaped both my work and me personally. 

As a newly graduated designer, I found great passion in working with close translations between our language and typography. Typography for me felt like the closest relative to truth in visual communication, as it expresses words meaning just as much as aesthetics. The message and design were inseparable, stating the transparency and purpose in graphic design that I was looking for within the design field.


Although typography is based on a limited set of letters in different constellations, it does not restrict the world of graphic design for me, on the contrary it helped me expand. My experience with illustration, animation, concepts, and editorial design had great importance within the world of typography for me. As my visual world grew, so did my commitment to contribute to a progressive development in the design discourse by utilizing type design and typography as my focused tools. 

Best, Anna

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