A short essay concerning the relation and possibilities between typography and mathematics.
2021 06 21

Typography works as an additional visual layer to our language, what is being written determines the expression of the design. When it comes to expressing truths that have universal validity like in mathematics, typography start to constitute the highest form of beauty, beyond art and music. 


2020 04 21

The Essay ‘See Through’ is now published to read in Art Style - Art & Culture International Magazine. Art Style No. 6 is a special issue on the postmodern age that focuses on architecture, design and arts related to the concept of post modernism.


2019 07 16
Credo is the Latin word for “I believe” and is originally referring to a particular religious belief. Nowadays it has the far broader meaning of any system of principles that guide a person or group. Throughout this essay, credo will be taking forms both of religious values familiar to us and new shapes colored by the modern times we find ourselves in. One could say this essay is connecting and using two systems of values to reflect upon one another since they are not so very distant from each other: The symbols of spirituality tough out the history of religions and the new cult of technology.


2018 09 17 


The topic in this text is the designed reality where aesthetics are hiding the evil. Aesthetics is a tool that can be used in various ways. As a designer it can be adding value to a product or helping people sort out the stream of information we are facing or that we wish to know more about. Some of the designed realities would only be possible to maintain because of aesthetics hiding the evil.



2018 04 21

As a former design student, I have always learned about the world I will design in the future. I learn about the areas that are in critical need of change and how we as designers can take our responsibility to create a better future. The ability to change and influence through design makes it feel important to learn more about what existing tools I can use to be able to go in the right direction. It also means that I am constantly faced with questions about what my role as a designer is and how I contribute in my way to sustainable development. For me to understand my role as a designer, I initially had to examine my behavior to the most fundamental parts of the design. One of the many difficult challenges that designers face today is the connection between the creation of visual expressions for products that, through aesthetics, encourage our consumer society. It makes me skeptical at times since we live in a society with unsustainable structures where design is a big part of the problem.


Notes based on Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art:
The Analytic Tradition, An Anthology. Peter Lamarque (Editor)
Stein Haugom Olsen (Editor)
2021 03 09 

Kant argues that sexual objectification is the practice of making oneself into a single thing used by another. By degrading one’s humanity and reduce it to one level. Isolated instances of sexual objectification are not necessarily more problematic for women than for men. Even, some cases of sexual objectification can be welcomed as an individual choice of how an individual wants to be engaged. This concept is intertwined to offer the self without boundaries, essentially, fostering connection from humans to another. Nudity can celebrate the physical and emotional balance of a person.