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The narratives included in the photojournalistic report ‘I Exist’ seek to perform a challenging task: amplify the voice of those often marginalized in the contemporary discussion of Islam and its role in Europe. By bringing together the works of five photographers Nina Berman, Tanya Habjouqa, Olga Kravets, Bénédicte Kurzen, and Sebastián 

Inspired by the loose pages of a magazine, we created an approach that invites the viewer to unfold the content to experience the complete stories of each photographer. When folded, the layout, therefore, contains combined imagery from the photographers to create a coherent overarching narrative, while also having an independent structure once it’s taken apart.

See the full magazine here

Art direction - Kummer & Herrman

Design role: Internship project at the design studio Kummer & Herrman working together with freelancer Mischa Appel.

Client: Photography agency NOOR Production supported by the European Union Commission

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