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NOOR Exhibition at MELKWEG Amsterdam

In addition to the photojournalistic report ‘I Exist: Stories of Islamophobia‘, the magazine was translated into an exhibition at MELKWEG, in the heart of Amsterdam. Based on the previous visual rules in the printed magazine, the five curated photographers were each presented on color-coded banners and one high-quality print.

In the magazine, each photographer was given a color reflected in the project title and in one highlighted quote. To strengthen the connection between the magazine to the exhibition, the same colors were used to guide the visitors through each photographer's project. By having the color-coded banners overlapping on the floor, we created a natural distance to the artwork and gave a clear overview of how to distinguish the photographer's artworks.


The composition of the photographs was placed in a structured collage, similar to the magazine. We wanted to have a united connection between the works and portray the vastness of the issue.

Art direction - Kummer & Herrman

Design role: Internship project at the design studio Kummer & Herrman

Client: Photography agency NOOR Production supported by the European Union Commission

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